cropped-P1090338.jpgThanks for taking the time to find us. Now, let us tell you how we can help you!

As You Travel is a Netherlands based company, specialising in providing personalised travel and guiding services to business professionals who are travelling to the Netherlands.

Having come from a professional background, the personnel at As You Travel understand professionals and recognise that their interests and needs are different to those of regular tourists.  As You Travel serves as a knowledgeable local contact within the Netherlands for professionals travelling here and can assist them at any or all stages of their trip.

Our services are designed to ease the planning involved for our clients; to incorporate tailored, exciting, cultural experiences into their trips; and to encourage them to return to the Netherlands, either on business or for leisure, as there will always be something new to experience through As You Travel.

We would love to hear from you so please contact us to see how we can help you, as YOU travel.