Travel Services for Business Professionals

Your contact in the Netherlands

As You Travel is your local point of contact and can provide you with a wide variety of services before, during and after your trip to the Netherlands.  Here are some of services that we can offer you:

Before your arrival:

  • Working with you to arrange an event in the Netherlands;
  • Reviewing your business/leisure schedule and presenting you with options for local experiences that could be arranged during your trip;
  • Attending to preliminary business and travel matters that require someone to go to a physical location within the Netherlands, such as site inspections;
  • Informing you of appropriate places or people to network with whilst on your trip;
  • Providing local knowledge to help you arrange their schedule, such as calculating travel distances and timing etc;
  • Informing you of cultural difference and doing business with Dutch companies.

During your time in the Netherlands:

  • Providing informative guiding services, including specialised and interesting tours for you or your group;
  • Providing hospitality/hostess services, including providing on-the-spot information about the city or a schedule for larger groups;
  • Providing meet and greet services, for example when you or members of your group arrive at the airport;
  • Providing contact and support services;
  • Providing document translation services: Dutch < > English.

After your departure from the Netherlands:

  • Providing follow-up services to tie up any loose ends for you;
  • If you regularly travel to the Netherlands, keeping you up-to-date with new establishments, events and other relevant information to assist in planning your next trip, and keeping you abreast of new developments and opportunities.