Meet Amberley

Amberley is the founder of As You Travel.  As a former lawyer in her home country of New Zealand, she understands that professionals travel differently than “tourists”.  Whether travelling for business or leisure, professionals seek an edge – something different and inspiring; time is precious to them; and quality is usually of the utmost importance.

Amberley understands the high-pressure environment that professionals work in and the necessity for professionals to try to keep a balanced lifestyle.  Incorporating leisure time into such a lifestyle, even while travelling on business, is not only necessary to relax but also to stay inspired and to rejuvenate one’s self to continue performing at a high level.

During Amberley’s years of legal study and working as a lawyer, she has been trained to think “outside of the box” and to actively search for new and innovative ideas and solutions.  She now applies this thinking to help her clients have the best experiences possible while visiting the Netherlands.  She puts the emphasis on how “You”, as the client, travels, not how everyone else does.  Providing a service where the client has a single point of contact for all of their needs, before, during and after a trip, is also key to simplifying matters for the client and to ensure consistency of care.

Amberley worked as a travel consultant for a boutique incoming tour operator in Amsterdam before opening As You Travel.  She is also experienced as a local guide and hospitality service provider.  She loves to share her enthusiasm for the Netherlands and is devoted to providing a fresh approach for professionals travelling to this beautiful country.